Unity Glass Keepsake Wall Platter


Available in 9″, 12″ or 15″ diameter.

Please note glass crystals and blown glass keepsakes are sold separately.


Introducing our exquisite Unity Glass Keepsake Wall Platter, a one-of-a-kind work of art that seamlessly blends beauty and function. Our skilled artisans utilize traditional glassblowing techniques to create a mesmerizing swirl of vibrant colors and intricate patterns that are sure to catch the eye and add a pop of color to any room. Whether you’re looking to elevate your living room, dining room, or bedroom decor, our hand-blown glass wall platter is a perfect choice.

Crafted with the highest quality glass, our wall platter is both durable and long-lasting. Its unique shape allows it to be hung on the wall as a stunning piece of art, or used as a functional serving dish for your favorite snacks or appetizers. Each platter is hand-blown, ensuring that it is as unique as you are, and making it a true statement piece that is sure to impress your guests.

Available in 9″, 12″, or 15″ diameters, our Unity Glass Keepsake Wall Platter is perfect for any space in your home. 

Please note that glass crystals and blown glass keepsakes are sold separately. Order now and experience the beauty and uniqueness of our stunning hand-blown glass wall platter.