Ceremonial Wedding couple

Congratulations on your wedding ceremony!

After your ceremony, please mail us your unity crystals or take them to our Portland studio at your convenience.

Once you place your order for your Keepsake design, our expert glassblowers will make your unique ceremonial wedding glass keepsakes. Order online + receive free shipping in the US!

If you live nearby, you can opt to have a hand in the creation of the glass sculpture.


15 Wedding Glass Keepsakes to Choose From.

  • Coastal Waters Unity Glass Keepsake bowlCoastal Waters Unity Glass Keepsake bowlPurple Rain Unity Glass Keepsake bowl

    Unity Glass Keepsake Bowls

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  • Unity Glass flower KeepsakesUnity Glass flower KeepsakesLong Curl Flower Unity Glass Keepsake - Coastal Waters

    Unity Glass Keepsake Pair of Flowers

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  • Unity Glass Paperweight KeepsakesUnity Glass Paperweight Keepsakes

    Unity Glass Keepsake Sculptures

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  • Unity Glass wall platter KeepsakesUnity Glass wall platter KeepsakesWedding Unity Glass Keepsakes Wavy Bowl

    Unity Glass Keepsake Wall Platter

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  • Unity Glass Ornament Keepsakes

    Unity Glass Ornaments

    Sale! $140.00$360.00
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  • Unity Glass drinking glass Keepsakes

    Unity Glass Keepsake Set of Drinking Glasses

    Sale! $150.00$260.00
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  • Unity Glass Vase KeepsakesMayan Unity Glass Keepsake Vase

    Unity Glass Keepsake Vase

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