Wedding Unity Glass is Simple…

Step 1: Order Crystals  Mix and match transparent, opalescent, and premium colors as you wish to symbolize your new union.

Step 2: Mix Crystals at your unity wedding ceremony.

Step 3: Order Keepsake Order one or choose multiple hand blown keepsakes to pass down to future generations.

Step 4: Return Crystals to 29030 SW Town Center Lp E, Ste. 202-144, Wilsonville, OR 97070  so we can create your keepsake.



FAQ  – Wedding Unity Glass

What is Wedding Unity Glass?
Wedding Unity Glass is a non-traditional take on the wedding unity ceremony. Instead of pouring sand or lighting candles, couples pour glass crystals together to make their own color mix. Then, we take those crystals used during the ceremony to create blown glass heirloom quality keepsakes.

What advice do you have for choosing colors?
We recommend staying within the same color tone. For example, cool tones (blues and greens) vs warm tones (reds and browns). White is a good neutral color that can be mixed with any colors.

How many colors can I order?
Please order at least 2 colors of glass, one representing you and one representing your partner. Some couples choose to involve their children and will order additional colors. In general, we see the best results having between 2-4 colors.

How much glass should I order to make each blown glass wedding keepsake?
To make any one of our keepsakes, you will need to order at least 2 units of glass crystals. To make more than one keepsake, please order at least 4 units of glass crystals.

How long does shipping take?
We recommend ordering your crystals and pouring vessels at least 10 days before your ceremony. We ship out orders Wednesday through Friday, or orders placed outside of that window will ship out the following Wednesday. Keepsakes may be ordered at any time before shipping your crystals back to the studio.

When will I receive my keepsake?
You will receive an email from us when we receive your unity glass crystals. Please allow 2-3 weeks after receipt for us to create your keepsake. As always, shipping is free.

How long has Wedding Unity Glass been in business?
Wedding Unity Glass was founded by Live Laugh Love Art in 2010. In that time we’ve created over 50,000 blown glass keepsakes in our state of the art nationally recognized glassblowing studio in Portland, OR.

Where can I read reviews?
One of the best ways to support small businesses is to write reviews, please support Wedding Unity Glass by writing a review on our new Google or Facebook review pages!