Enjoy the beauty of Unity Glass as a long-lasting keepsake from your special day. Unity Glass Wedding Ceremonies are a modern spin on the traditional wedding unity candle or sand ceremony. Pick your unity vessel set and crystal colors, perform your ceremony, and send us back your glass - it’s that easy!

Our talented glass blowers will create your keepsake piece with care. Free shipping in the US! Our glass crystals come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Order the crystals from our site for your upcoming event. After the ceremony, our expert glass artists will carefully create your blown glass keepsake. Or, you can come to our studio in Portland and take part in the keepsake creation.


Step One

Choose your Glass Crystals

Our glass crystals are carefully chosen for unity ceremonies. Choose different colors to represent each symbolic element in your unity ceremony. We offer a wide variety of glass crystal options in many colors to match your wedding theme or personal preferences. Choose as many colors as you want to create your own wedding ceremony glass keepsakes and ornaments from your special day.

Unity Glass Crystals Grid

Step Two

Choose your Ceremony Vessels (Optional)

During your ceremony, you will need vessels to pour to and from. We offer a 3, 5 & 7 piece Set. Each set includes a Vase plus 2, 4, or 6 pouring vessels. You will need a pouring vessel for each symbolic element/color to use in your Unity glass ceremony. The vase holds up to 6 colors.


Step Three

Unity Glass Ceremony

The third and most crucial step is the actual pouring of your Unity Crystals during your wedding ceremony. Our unique Ceremony Vessel Sets help to facilitate any of your pouring arrangements and needs.

wedding unity glass pouring


Step Four

Order your Keepsake and Mail Back Your Crystals

Place an order on our site for your desired Keepsake design.

Simply mail your Unity Crystals to 9160 SW Hall Blvd; Portland, Oregon 97223. You can do this right after your wedding or wait for a long as you need.

Our talented glass artists will create a unique keepsake for you to cherish forever. You can always have us make more than one keepsake. Make it a First Anniversary gift!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your keepsake.

Unity Glass Keepsakes

Locals Traveling to Portland?

For those of you local or traveling to the Portland area you can bring your glass crystals back into the studio in Portland, Oregon and use them in any of our glass blowing experiences and have a hand in creating your own wedding ceremony glass keepsakes and ornaments.